ITsafe Pty Ltd

Cyber Security Consulting

Providing tactical, strategic and technical cybersecurity consulting to mitigate your cybersecurity risks, from small businesses through to enterprise clients


We specialize in risk mitigation, hunting for intruders in your network, providing intelligence on cybersecurity threats, and responding to computer security breaches, intrusions and infections

  • Tactical & Strategic cybersecurity advice to reduce risk
  • Scoping the Threat Landscape
    • Classes of threat actors (hackers)
    • Threat vectors (how they hack)

  • Tactical Threat Intelligence sharing
    • Sources of threat indicators and threat actor campaigns, tools, techniques and procedures

  • Threat Hunting & Incident Response
    • Management of cyber security incidents (infection, hacking, other threats)
    • Triaging of environments to search for weaknesses and compromises
    • Monitoring networks for suspicious traffic
    • Intrusion forensics on selected systems
    • Dynamic malware analysis
  • Awareness, training, mentoring, capability uplift, exercise facilitation
  • Technical resource for short term cyber security projects
  • Frank techno-speak translation for management
    • Explaining the cyber threats organizations face, practical approaches to risk mitigation, and the common pitfalls in typical cyber security programs

  • Cyberstalking countermeasures
    • Pro Bono for domestic violence victims

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Member of the Australian Computer Society and the Australian Information Security Association

Over 40 years of IT management and technical experience in large multi-national corporations, including worldwide virtual tele-consulting